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Mens Pennants:
See www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/
Holmes Hayes Cup www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/holmeshayes-cup/
Redpaths Cup www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/redpath-cup/
Patterson Cup www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/patterson-cup/
Alexander Cup www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/alexander-cup/
Moyes Trophy www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/moyes-cup/
Penney Salver www.aorangigolf.org.nz/interclub/mens/penney-salver/

2013 Holmes Cup Team Victorious
Played in perfect conditions the final of the Holmes Cup was played between a Composite Team and Geraldine with Geraldine winning with a convincing 10 points to 2.

2012 Moyes Cup Team wins.
The Geraldine team in the Moyes Cup Pennant competition played St Andrews in the final winning 13 points to 4.

The Moyes team from left: Bruce Robertson, Phil Southen, Murray Hampton,
Howard Chellew, John McGuire, Rick Putze.

Club Captain, Kerry Stevens, holds the Moyes Pennant and Cup before presenting them to the winning team members present on Club championship day. They are, from left: Howard Chellew,  Bruce Robertson and Phil Southen.  Absent: John McGuire, Rick Putze and Murray Hampton.

2010 Redpaths Cup Team Victorious.
Played on a very windy day at the Timaru Golf club Geraldine were victorious over Methven in the Redpath cup Mens Pennant Final. Tribute must also go to others who had represented the team over the season. Also caddies Shona Bensemann, Lara Ernst and Phil Henderson in Final.

Mark Wood  half
Dennis Goodwin  won 4 and 3
Kevin Kerse          won 3 and 1
Gary Muff         lost 1 down
Lindsay Robertson won 1 up
Steve Crook     lost  3 and 2

Wood and Goodwin won 3 and 2
Kerse and Muff        won 3 and 1
Robertson and Crook lost 1 down

Result Geraldine 11 Methven 6

The winning team members from left: Gary Muff, Mark Wood, Steve Crook,
Kevin Kerse, Dennis Goodwin and Lindsay Robertson.