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Junior Golf:

Junior Golf Convenor - Helen May Ph 693 7161

Mondays 3pm-4.30pm

Thursdays 4pm-5pm

Clubs etc available.  Phone Helen for details.

Junior Programme Recognised

The Geraldine Golf Club’s Junior programme has been awarded the highest achievement category available under New Zealand Golf’s Junior Plus Programme. A certificate granting it “Junior Plus Eagle Status” was presented to the club recently by the Aorangi South Canterbury Association’s Golf Development Manager, Graham Keen.

The award is in recognition of an outstanding junior programme and the welcome environment for junior Golfers provided by the Club. Three levels of achievement are available under the scheme. In assessing these NZ Golf uses a template comprising 50 questions. Three levels of achievement are attainable. They are Par (50 points out of a 100) Birdie (70 out of 100) and the highest, Eagle (90 out of 100). Geraldine scored 92.

Much credit for this success goes to Helen May and Kit Silcock. Helen has been running junior courses on Sunday mornings for a number of years while Kit conducts weekly coaching sessions for school children mid-week.

Additionally the Club has been supportive of these efforts in sponsoring an annual district tournament for juniors which has been running for some years now. Club Captain Dennis Goodwin has played a major part in the conduct of these events.

When Helen began her classes some years ago Geraldine Golf Club Eagles members contributed enough money for the purchase of several sets of golf clubs suitable for younger learners.

The Aorangi South Canterbury Golf Association's Golf Development Officer, Graham Keen (centre)presents the certificate granting Eagle Club Status to the Geraldine Golf Club for its Junior Programme.  Receiving the certificate are President Max Bensemann (left) and Club Captain Dennis Goodwin.