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Denfield Golf Course:










Although relatively short at 5544 meters, the 18-hole Denfield Course combines astute tree plantings with a preponderance of dog-leg holes to provide a worthy challenge to golfers of all abilities.

The par-71 layout is set on undulating river flats adjoining the Orari river and offers easy walking conditions and wonderful views of the nearby mountains. 

White Tees (Men) Length 5544 metres, Par 71, NZCR 69.0, Slope rating 115
Yellow Tees (Women) Length 5080 metres, Par 72, NZCR 71.9, Slope rating 113

The course record is 64 set by Jason Leary in 1989 and 2002.

The Course - Hole by Hole
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 Kingsride - Par 4
 White 350 m
 Yellow 316 m

An encroaching weeping willow on the left of the fairway 125m from the green dominates this hole. A well placed shot to the right will open up the sloping green but a pin placement to the right will invite the ball to drift off the edge of the green.

Tee Sponsor: Woodleys Transport, Geraldine Butchery

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 The Gap - Par 5
 White 434 m
 Yellow 357 m

The tee shot should favour the right hand side. When reaching the sharp dog-leg to the left some 150m from the green  the golfer is presented with a view of the target through a narrow pine tree bound gap. Again an attack on a pin set to the right side of the green risks the ball running into a green-side  dip.

Tee Sponsors: Hobbs & Banks;  Harcourts

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 Waihi - Par 4
White 322 m
 Yellow 299 m

First a gum tree then a row of conifers encroaching onto the right side of the  fairway 125m from the green calls for a drive to the left off the tee although long hitters should find no problems here. Bunkers to both  the left and right guard the narrow entrance to the green but once past these obstacles the green widens out rising steeply at the back.

Tee Sponsors: Hammer Hardware;  Country Scenario

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 Wadi - Par 4
White 306 m
 Yellow 306 m

A row of pine trees hard up against the left hand side of the fairway from the tee points the golfer to the far right of the fairway. A right-handerís draw is the ideal tee shot here. Once past the tree line  it is a straight in approach to the narrow green sloping from front to back. A swale running across the front of the green can produce some problems.

Tee Sponsor: Geraldine Fish Supply

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 Willows - Par 4
 White 312 m
 Yellow 301 m

Well placed  pine plantings turn this hole into a sharp right hand dog-leg. Although there is no requirement for a particularly long drive, out-of-bounds country adjoining the fairway demands some respect. Once down the short leg the green beckons some 150m distant.  The sizeable slightly rising green is guarded by a bunker to the right and a mound to the left. 

Tee Sponsor: Geraldine Betta Electrical

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 Lone Pine - Par 3
 White 173 m
 Yellow 142 m

A straight-away hole with trees tight on both sides and a steep ridge on the left side of the green.

Tee sponsors: M & G Auto Centre;  Timaru Honda

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 Four Peaks - Par 4
 White 346 m
 Yellow 288 m

A successful assault on this hole requires a well crafted tee shot to clear trees on both right and left and a steep bank right across the  slightly dog-legged fairway some 100 meters from the menís tee. Once on the fairway proper, the steeply sloping green, which is guarded by a bunker front left, beckons.

Tee sponsors: A & C Gibbs Excavating;  Laser Electrical Geraldine

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 Waterloo - Par 5
 White 484 m
 Yellow 398 m

With the Clubhouse in sight this is a straight forward hole with trees tight along the left hand side. The green is deep but a deep hollow along the right hand side awaits any wayward approach shot

Tee sponsors: Waller Direct Drilling;  Ecolab

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 Shortie - Par 3
 White 128 m
 Yellow 128 m

A narrow two tier green, an Oak tree almost directly in line and a bunker to the right give this hole a   good deal of character but the attacking player should receive ample reward.

Tee sponsor: Sharpies Golf Christchurch

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Cornerways - Par 5
White  471 m
Yellow  426 m

Although tree lined down the right hand side this is a straight-away hole which presents few problems. A bunker runs along the left of the flat green.

Tee Sponsors: North End Ford; Fresh Choice Geraldine

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 Pylon - Par 4
 White  335 m
 Yellow  325 m

This hole takes its name from a pylon supporting the Roxburgh to Islington electricity supply line situated well to the right of the fairway.  A bank extends into the right of the fairway but long hitters will be unaffected. A bunker guards the front right of this sloping green.

Tee Sponsor: Jennian Homes

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 Norwest - Par 3
White  147 m
 Yellow  147 m

A straight hole which features trees tight on both the left and right close to the tee. Past this obstruction bunkers both left and right form a narrow entrance to this gently sloping green.

Tee Sponsor: Geraldine Funeral Services

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 Orient - Par 4 / 5
 White  364 m
 Yellow  364 m

This  is one of the feature holes on the course. Trees encroaching onto the left side of the fairway  some 170m from the green turn the hole into a gentle left hand dog-leg. From this point the fairway descends gently to a broad sloping green.

Tee Sponsor: Mobile Golf Shop

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 Riverside - Par 4
 White  326 m
 Yellow  320 m

A feature of this hole is a steep ridge running parallel to the left hand side of the fairway. Just short of the green the ridge angles across the fairway terminating in a bunker to the right. This ridge will funnel any ill-directed ball straight into the bunker. The green is bounded on the left by a deep gulley.

Tee Sponsor: Geraldine Holiday Park

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 Mt Peel - Par 3
White  161 m
 Yellow  161 m

A relatively simple hole dominated by an out-of-bounds fence along the right hand side of the fairway, Nearing the green this fence tightens the approach, an effect heightened by the presence of a bunker to the left of the green. The left green-side ground drops away steeply into a hollow.

Tee Sponsor: Bruce Rodgers Shearing

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 Sahara - Par 5
White  440 m
 Yellow  397 m

This is an uncomplicated hole but does feature a deep swale running diagonally across the fairway from the 135m peg. Landing in this, or on its sloping side, can cause problems. Another swale runs across the front of the narrow deep putting surface and dips sharply as it continues along the right side of the green.

Tee Sponsors: Farmlands, Blake Downie Contracting

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 Brevity - Par 3
 White  138 m
 Yellow  130 m

As its name suggests this is a short hole but to reach the wide flat green a narrow gap between trees on both sides of the fairway must be negotiated.

Tee Sponsor: Geraldine Signs & Graphics

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 Homeward - Par 4
White  307 m
 Yellow  275 m

Trees are the feature of the closing hole. They form a gap close to the tees and a large Acacia encroaching onto the left side of the fairway some 70 metres from the green can cause problems. A tee shot favouring the right is the shot to be played here. The flat green has a bunker to the front right and a mound to the left.

Tee Sponsors: Hayden Mackenzie Contracting; Richard Scott - PGG Wrightson Real Estate

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