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Annual 36 Hole Sponsored Tournament:
2018 36 Hole Tournament results
Templer Salver - Overall Gross: Stephen Waby 145
Mrs J C Templar Cup - Womens Gross: Ginny Bolderston 151
Mens 36 Hole Nett
1st Stephen Waby 135  
2nd Richard Mills 139  
3rd Willy Nicholls 141  
4th Henry Nicholls 141  
5th Craig Allsopp 142  
6th Kenneth Hodge 143  
7th Murray Marsh 143  
8th Sean Gately 144  
9th Paul Neilson 144  
10th Stephen Wright 144  
1st Mike Trubshaw 133  
2nd Kit Silcock 134  
3rd Andrew Ataera 135  
4th Tom Hills 138  
5th Dave Lapthorne 142  
6th Robbie Haugh 143  
7th Andrew Nicholls 143  
8th Mike Methven 143  
9th Kenny Langan 143  
10th Neil Collins 144 by lot from Michael Anglem and Tim Mills
1st Graeme Dwyer 128  
2nd Lindsay Robertson 135  
3rd Alton Michel 136  
4th Colin Ellison 141  
5th Glenn Jones 141  
6th Young Pyo Hong 142  
7th Rod Holling 142  
8th Ian Knowler 143  
9th Jack Harper 144 by lot from Mark Smith
Women's 36 Hole Nett    
1st Ginny Bolderston 143  
2nd Jo Gallichan 148  
3rd Tina Putze 149  
4th Adrienne Reid 149  
5th Sisi Silcock 149  
6th Maryanne Glasson 153  
7th Jenny Lawson 153  
8th Sharon Marsh 157  
Sunday Stableford    
Senior Men    
1st George Harper Jnr 40  
2nd Wayne Hallinan 37  
3rd Dave Richardt 36  
Intermediate Men    
1st Darryl Urquhart 37  
2nd Tim Mills 36  
3rd John Shirtcliff 36 by lot from Rob Jeffrey
Junior Men    
1st Bruce Robertson 40  
2nd Mark Smith 36  
3rd Will Polson 34 by lot from Peter Dangerfield & Murray Giddens
1st Margaret Anderson 31  
2nd Liz Gunatunga 29  

2016 36 Hole Tournament results
Templer Salver - Overall Gross: Richard Mills (Weedens) 146
Mrs J C Templar Cup - Womens Gross: Shirley Winter (Motueka) 180
Mens 36 Hole Nett
1st Stephen Waby North Otago 136
2nd Alex Valentine Lower Waitaki 137
3rd Stephen Wright Templeton 138
4th Richard Mills Weedons 140
5th Kenneth Hodge Lincoln 141
6th Callum Patrick Grande Vue 142
7th Dennis Goodwin Geraldine 142
8th Shae Richardson Weedons 142
9th Peter Smith Templeton 143
10th Chris Hay Weedons 144
1st Ian Knowler Weedons 142
2nd Peter Wood Waimairi Beach 143
3rd John Shirtcliff Geraldine 144
4th Neil Collins Geraldine 144
5th Howard Chellew Geraldine 144
6th Doug Sheldon Geraldine 144
7th Giles Patrick Grande Vue 145
8th David Fisher Geraldine 145
9th Rob Jeffrey Geraldine 147
10th Andrew Anderson Fairlie 147, by lot from Neil Robinson
1st Colin Ellison Weedons 130
2nd George Gallichan Geraldine 133
3rd Tom Hills Akarana 133
4th Michael Anglem Temuka 135
5th Paul Radburnd Waimate 138
6th Mike Ryan Weedons 138
7th Andrew Nicholls Tai Tapu 140
8th Martin Cooper Geraldine 140
9th Glenn Jones Tarras 141
10th Dennis Gibbons Burnham 142
Women's 36 Hole Nett    
1st Christine Goodman Temuka 147
2nd Shirley Winter Motueka 148
3rd Merle Ellery Geraldine 148
4th Julia Greig Waimairi Beach 149
5th Sisi Silcock Geraldine 151
6th Joanne Gallichan Geraldine 152
7th Jenny Lawson Geraldine 152
8th Tina Putze Geraldine 152
Sunday Stableford    
Senior Men    
1st Ian Carruthers Weedons 37
2nd Murray White Weedons 36
3rd Mike Beaudoin Weedons 36
Intermediate Men    
1st Brian Walker Shirley 37
2nd Neil Robinson Waimairi Beach 37
3rd Barry Grant Weedons 36
Junior Men    
1st Geoff Stopforth Clearwater 36
2nd Young Hong Tarras 35
3rd Rick Putze Geraldine 35
1st Marie Blackmore Geraldine 32
2nd Chris Cannan St Clair 32
3rd Alison Romeril Geraldine 31

2015 36 Hole Tournament results
Templer Salver - Overall Gross: Richard Mills 144
Mrs J C Templar Cup - Womens Gross: Catherine Knight 155
Mens 36 Hole Nett
1st Richard Mills 136
2nd Craig Cornelius 138
3rd Murray White 139
4th Mike Beaudoin 140
5th Dennis Goodwin 140
6th Craig Allsopp 141
7th Bill Romeril 142
8th Rick Nicholls 142
9th Paul Velenski 143
10th Stephen Wright 143
1st Mark Hussey 137
2nd Glenn Jones 138
3rd Giles Patrick 138
4th Lindsay Robertson 139
5th Brent Cleveland 139
6th Bob Winter 140
7th George Ball 144
8th Dave Lapthorne 144
9th Ian Knowler 144
10th Mike Methven 147 by lot from Don Law and Neil Collins
1st Tom Hills 138
2nd Ali South 138
3rd Colin Ellison 139
4th Billy Cox 140
5th Will Polson 141
6th George Gallichan 143
7th John Shirtcliff 143
8th Michael Anglem 143
9th John Cornelius 144
10th Young Hong 145 by lot from Michael Pohio
Women's 36 Hole Nett  
1st Maryanne Glasson 138
2nd Lesley Hart 139
3rd Alison Romeril 140
4th Shirley Winter 145
5th Sisi Silcock 146
6th Rennie Robinson 146
7th Nerolie Poskitt 147
8th Glyn Kininmonth 149
9th Natalie Rix 150
10th Cheryl Jopp 150
Sunday Stableford  
Senior Men  
1st George Harper Jnr 40
2nd George Leslie 38
3rd Karl Lineton 38
Intermediate Men  
1st Don Law 37
2nd Mark Shepherd 37
3rd Neil Collins 35
Junior Men  
1st Michael Pohio 38
2nd Bill Strowger 38
3rd Clarrie Whiting 37
1st Denise Kenny 35
2nd Adrienne Reid 34
3rd Shona Bensemann 33

2014 36 Hole Tournament results
Templer Salver - Overall Gross: Ian Macdonald 148
Mrs J C Templar Cup - Womens Gross: Sisi Silcock 175
Mens 36 Hole Nett
1st Craig Cornelius 137
2nd Ian MacDonald 138
3rd Kerry Stevens 143
4th Alex Valentine 144
5th Henry Nicholls 145
6th Dennis Goodwin 146
7th Paul Velenski 146
8th Bill Anderson 147
9th Gary Watling 147
10th Mike Beaudoin 149
1st Bob Winter 140
2nd Mark Shepherd 144
3rd Martin Ashton 145
4th Tom Hills 145
5th Errol Rix 146
6th Michael Anglem 146
7th Neil Collins 146
8th Maurice Matthews 147
9th Murray Giddens 147
10th Ian Knowler 148 by lot from Lindsay Robertson, Kit Silcock & Les Smeath
1st Selwyn Wallace 130
2nd Bill Clarke 143
3rd George Gallichan 144
4th Roger Irvine 145
5th Campbell Paton 145
6th Worrick Norton 146
7th George Raerae 144
8th Michel Alton 146
9th Bruce Padon 148
10th Herbie Timu 150
Women's 36 Hole Nett  
1st Sisi Silcock 147
2nd Natalie Rix 149
3rd Alison Romeril 152
4th Rennie Robinson 152
5th Tina Putze 153
6th Lesley Hart 156
7th Glyn Kininmonth 156
8th Jenny Lawson 157
9th Margaret Campbell 157
10th Jo Tucker 158 by lot from Paula Goodman, June Edwards & Monica Timu
Sunday Stableford  
Senior Men  
1st George Harper Jnr 33
2nd Jeff McCarthy 33
3rd Phil Radford 32
Intermediate Men  
1st Rob Jeffrey 37
2nd Josh Trubshaw 36
3rd Harvey King 36
Junior Men  
1st John Maquire 32
2nd Bruce Selbie 31
3rd John Cornelius 30 by lot from Brian Walker
1st Julia Greig 31
2nd June Edwards 30
3rd P J Michel 30 by lot from Sue Donovan.

2013 36 Hole Tournament results
Templer Salver - Overall Gross:

Fred Poskitt Waimairi Beach   147






Mrs J C Templar Cup - Women's Gross:

Denise Kenny  174

Mens 36 Hole Nett  
Senior Men    
Best Nett Fred Poskitt Waimairi Beach 135
2nd George Harper Jnr Akarana 143
3rd Chris Dickens Geraldine 145
4th Errol Rix Geraldine 145
5th Kerry Stevens Geraldine 147
6th Steve Crook Geraldine 149
7th Robbie Haugh Weedens 150
8th Ken Hodge Lincoln 151
9th Peter Kinninmonth Waimairi Beach 152
10th Dennis Goodwin Geraldine 152
Intermediate Men    
Best Nett Bob Winter Waimairi Beach 132
2nd Dave Thode Invercargill 139
3rd Carig Allsop Waimairi Beach 140
4th Les Smeath Pegasus 141
5th Steve Wymer Titirangi 141
6th Michel Alton Weedens 145
7th Henry Nicholls Tai Tapu 146
8th Neil Collins Geraldine 146
9th Joe Yellowlees Geraldine 147
10th Mike Trubshaw Geraldine 149
Junior Men    
Best Nett Worrick Norton Temuka 144
2nd Campbell Paton Geraldine 144
3rd Brent Cleveland Geraldine 146
4th Greg Hills Weedens 146
5th Bruce Selbie Geraldine 147
6th Don Howard Burnham 149
7th Bill Clarke Tinwald 149
8th Herbie Timu Waimairi Beach 150
9th Graham Eaton Pleasant Point 152
10th Selwyn Wallace Grande Vue 152 by lot from Geoff Clarke & Young Hong
Womens 36 Hole Nett
Best Nett Natalie Rix Geraldine 150
2nd Denise Kenny Geraldine 150
3rd Tina Putze Geraldine 150
4th Carol Seaton Grande Vue 152
5th Chris Cannan St Clair 153
6th Merle Ellery Geraldine 157
7th Barbara Clarke Geraldine 159
8th Lesley Hart Waimairi Beach 161
9th Marie Blackmore Geraldine 162
10th Elaine Reid Waimairi Beach 162
Sunday Stableford  
Senior Men: Nick Smith Remeura 33
  John Hodge Templeton 33
  George Leslie Geraldine 32 by lot from Richard Lawson
Intermediate Men: Max Oldfield Geraldine 37
  Dale McGregor Harewood 36
  Rob Jeffrey Geraldine 34 by lot from Glenn Jones, Don Law, Brian Gallichan and Maurice Matthews.
Junior Men: Bruce Paddon Grande Vue 37
  David Buchanan Apiti 36
  Rick Putze Geraldine 36
Women: Jan Oliver Geraldine 36
  Adrienne Reid Geraldine 33
  Jacqui Planicka Weedens 28
Fred Poskitt receives his prize as winner of the Senior Men's Best Nett from Club President Denise Kenny.



Bob Winter receives his prize as winner of the Intermediate Men's Best Nett from Club President Denise Kenny.



Worrick Norton receives his prize as winner of the Junior Men's Best Nett from Club President Denise Kenny.



Natalie Rix receives her prize as winner of the Women's Best Nett from Club President Denise Kenny.



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